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Psychic Readings

Psychic readings, are a blending of energies in which I am able to pick up on what is going on in your life.  This includes the present, more recent past and near future.

Psychic sessions are great if you are going through a transition in your life & feel you could use some clarity or guidance.

Psychic readings are also a good way to reconnect with yourself and your intuition.


*Foot Note*: Advice is never given although spiritual suggestions may be made. (I am not, a fortune teller, a psychologist, a financial adviser, a match maker, etc., nor a replacement for the outcome of your own life decisions). I believe we all have free will.  

Mediumship Readings

Evidential mediumship readings are using one's ability to see, hear, feel, & get a sense of knowing from those that are in the spirit world to bring forth evidence of the continuum of life. In your reading, I intend to bring forth information that supports evidence about the person or pet before they crossed into the spirit world.  I also like to gather information from your loved one in spirit that is evidential of how they are & that they are very much alive in spirit. 

Pet Communication & Mediumship

Pet communication sessions are a fun way to connect with your pet & hear what they are thinking, feeling, and what they would say if they could speak our language.  By showing me a picture of your pet, or bringing them on screen or in person with you, I am able to blend with their energy & allow them to share all of what they want to say to you.

How fun!

*Please note for Pet Mediumship I simply need a picture or description of your pet 

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card readings are considered to be a divination tool.  They are used in a Celtic spread in which an intention is set & the outcome can have a focus on certain topics such as finance, career, relationship. In your tarot reading I blend with my psychic abilities to offer you the best interpretation possible. 

*A great compliment to a tarot reading is a 30 minute mediumship reading. 

*All readings are done in person, over Zoom or phone call.

*Pet communication sessions can be done with your loving pet either in this world or in spirit. *They do not need to be present.   

**Group readings or demonstration events are available, pricing is dependent upon day/ time/ location. Please email an inquiry with your location, date & time preferred for more information. 

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