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Dawn Paula Psychic Medium

My name is Dawn Paula I am a New York based natural intuitive and evidential psychic medium.  I have been a long-time healing energy practitioner and spiritual enthusiast. Since a child I was drawn to the metaphysical realm, intrigued by all things spirit and what was beyond this earthly life, I also felt a deep spiritual connection with animals.  As a teen I began having what we would call paranormal experiences, seeing, hearing, and encountering entities that others were unable to witness, including premonitions. 
In early adulthood, I pursued a career in massage therapy including the
healing arts, reiki, various forms of energy healing techniques, as well as using meditation as a routine discipline.  Soon thereafter my ability to channel spirit was evident.
Feeling called to do this work with the hopes that it would offer a chance to help people through their grief process by providing a sense of comfort I decided to further develop my natural mediumship abilities.
I have been mentored by renowned psychic mediums from all over the world some through The Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism and psychic sciences. I am a member of the Spiritualists National Union as well as the Journey Within Spiritualist Church & I continue to develop my psychic and mediumship skills with enthusiasm, looking forward to who I'm going to meet or what I will learn next! 

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